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This game made me, a sexy reptile, ugly cry so this automatic makes this game amazing! I love Kate and I need to know the future of this little angel, please, AND I SWEAR I WILL MURDER ANYONE THAT EVEN DARES TO LAY A FINGER ON YOU, BABY!

О! Хоть кто-то вспомнил о Стеф!!! Большое спасибо вам за новеллу, было приятно снова вспомнить те эмоции, когда проходил саму игру. Буду ждать продолжения. Кстати, как я понял Кейт нравится Макс или мне показалось?) Просто Кейт очень религиозна, да и зависит от мнения религиозной семьи и поэтому я как-то удивился.

I played through it in one sitting, nearly every scene making me cry, remembering life is strange and how much theses games mean to me. I'm so thankful that their are others that share the same level of love and passion for these characters and their story as much as I do. Thank you for capturing them so well and I can't wait for more. Much love and respect for all your dedication.

So far so good, the story is interesting, although it is really painful to watch Max separate herself from Kate so much 

Looking forward to the rest of the game! :)

Noticed a spelling error! hope this helps. ♥️

Thank you! We'll get right on that when we go back to coding chapter two 😄

Trying to download the game but for some reason it wont let me use the itchio desktop app to do so.


You can use the site or play the web version! Be sure to let us know what happens so we fix it! uwu


Oh man. Just finished the first chapter and I'm really touched. Seeing depressed Max is so sad. I hope the story will have a happy ending and Max will find happiness in her life once again. Can't wait for next chapters


I do feel it was a bit out of character for max to act in such a way, felt like she didn’t deserve friendship or that she let everyone down. when she chose to save Arcadia in that option she makes peace with that, it’s bittersweet but she’s accompanied by Chloe in the spiritual form of the blue butterfly during the funeral ceremony and in the original doesn’t break down and believe she doesn’t deserve any of it because she feels she let her down, Max knew what she had to do and made peace with that choice.

Damn, Max. She's really putting Kate through it, huh.

I adored the story so far. I get so conflicted about the save Arcadia ending because I feel like it's way more in Max's character, plus the parallels of Chloe moving on from Rachel and Max moving on from Chloe hit me really hard. In a good way, I promise.

The characterization of Kate is so well done. Seeing her be happy for a while, even with all that's underneath, was wonderful. I suppose I'm biased, because Kate is my favorite LiS1 character, but this story does right by her.

I think it's interesting that Max didn't save Kate before, because I don't see a lot of fanwork really depict that. It's rough, like REALLY rough. Good though. Max realizing (or at least in the process of realizing) that just because she saved Arcadia doesn't mean all the problems will fix themselves is rendered with a nuance I appreciate a lot. It shows that, just because she has given up her powers, it doesn't mean she's isolated from the world.

I'm so eagerly looking forward to more updates on this project and reading the whole story when it's finished! Really good job here. Lots of promise.


Yeah i do feel like Max wouldn’t of been such a wuss in the instance where Kate spoke to her in the cemetery, Max is a strong character. In the original game she finds peace with the choice she made and is accompanied by Chloe in the form of the blue butterfly, it’s bittersweet actually! 

As i stated above would of been nice if Max had acknowledged Kates comfort in this instance, Max wasn’t a “Bad friend” and comforted Kate in her time of need. I of course mean all this in the nicest way possible but it really did seem very out of character for Max to think she doesn’t deserve Kates friendship or comfort during such a tough time.

That is a good way to see it! This is our own personal interpretation. She knows that she did the right thing in the bay ending and Chloe is present with her, however we can't imagine the frustration of not being able to save everyone in her version of reality! That must take a hit on her, so we decided to represent that! 

Thank you for your input, we'll be sure to take it into account and we hope you enjoyed the game! ❤️